View Full Version : 15.04 hangs at "starting version 219", no GUI

October 20th, 2015, 05:25 AM
I upgraded my laptop from 14.10 to 15.04 today. After running a few other updates it began hanging at "starting version 219". I'm able to open a command prompt with Ctrl+Alt+F2, and after poking around a while I saw that "lightdm" had failed to start. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling that, without success. I can continue to poke around in here but being kind of a newb I'm afraid I'm only making things worse. Any suggestions what I can do to get my GUI back? Thanks!

Bucky Ball
October 20th, 2015, 07:01 AM
Could you run these, one after the other, in a terminal please:

sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Please post any and all errors here between code tags thanks (see last link in my signature).

As you have updated from an end-of-life release that may have caused some issues. There could be old repositories still there or a mix of 14.10 and 15.04 is causing confusion. The update/upgrade commands may throw some light ... :-k

October 20th, 2015, 07:35 AM
Hi! Thanks for the reply. All of the commands complete successfully with no errors. Output is pretty much the same for all of them:

0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove, and 0 not upgraded

I have noticed that the command "startx" returns various errors. I removed (renamed) my xorg.conf file and now it gives me:

xauth: timeout in locking authority file /home/averatec/.Xauthority

then some operating system info and:

xinit: unable to connect to X server: Connection refused

Could that somehow be related? I don't know what that command "startx" is for, I just found it by googling. Thanks!

Bucky Ball
October 20th, 2015, 07:44 AM
I don't know what that command "startx" is for, I just found it by googling.

Beware of plugging in commands when you don't know what they do. In this case, not an issue, but in others, disastrous. :)

For Ubuntu, try:

sudo service lightdm start

Sounds like you have an issue with your .xauthority, but first, lets have a look at this file, please:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

For the xauth prob, you could try this, replacing 'user' with your user name:

cd /home/user
ls -a -lh
sudo chown user:user .Xau*

From here (http://askubuntu.com/questions/165921/error-on-boot-12-04/166115#166115).

October 20th, 2015, 07:51 AM
Wow, that file is really long. With no GUI I have no way of exporting the text to another computer that I could paste it here from. Let me see if I can do screenshots...

Bucky Ball
October 20th, 2015, 07:53 AM
Ah, ok. Try the xauth fix I have edited onto my last post and reboot.

You can also try booting to a desktop from the terminal with the command I gave previously:

sudo service lightdm start

October 20th, 2015, 08:01 AM
I execute the code:

cd /home/averatec
ls -a -lh
sudo chown averatec:averatec .Xau*

And reboot, and it hangs at the same "starting version 219" message.

Drop down to the Terminal and enter

sudo service lightdm start

and all it does is clear the screen and return me to the "starting version 219" message again.

October 20th, 2015, 08:08 AM
Here's screenshots of that "sources" file, uploaded to my flickr account:


I note that it says "14.10" at the top still...