View Full Version : I need help trying to set my sd card as my main steam downloader place

August 30th, 2015, 12:15 AM
so i downloaded ubuntu on my chromebook so im duel booting, anyways i wanted to play steam games on here but i noticed i didnt have enough disk space for the games im trying to download. so i went to steam/options/downloads and i tried to change the location of the donwloads to my 64gb sd card but i keep getting this message d"New Steam library folder must be on a filesystem mounted with execute permissions" and of course im really new to ubuntu and linux so thats just makes it harder for me. to understand it.

here is where my sd card i located when i find it on steam .var/host/media/removable/SDXCSTEAM

and SDXCSTEAM is the name of my sd card

thanks i hope you can help