View Full Version : Black Screen After Installing Graphic Drivers

August 26th, 2015, 08:16 PM
Hi Guys,

This is my first thread so if its in wrong section correct it !

been using ubuntu as a alternate OS for quite awhile now, along side with windows , recently i dumped windows totally and using ubuntu full time, everything is fine n good the only problem is, when i install graphic drivers without any errors after reboot am getting a blank screen before proceeding with the info on graphics here is my config

64 GB , 20 TB HDD's ( multiple ) and i7 ubuntu 14.4

GPU Multiple 290X Tri-X n couple of Multiple Nvidia Titan's

as of now i only required ATI Drivers for my 290x so i just downloaded the ATI drivers from official AMD site ( latest version ) and installed them accordingly everything is fine till this point, after installing just proceeding with ati-config then rebooting the system , after reboot it just goes into a blank screen or sort of am just getting a command interface type total blank screen with a (underscore) blipping at the top left but can't execute anything at first i thought it might be because of using multiple brand of cards so i removed nvidia and re-installed the whole OS and tried again still it returned to the same thing , m currently on cinnamon so even tried simply with unity and still get the same error , any ideas why? or how to troubleshoot it? without the graphic drivers system is working just fine , any help is appreciated