View Full Version : Can't get past Lenovo screen with Live USB

August 14th, 2015, 12:02 PM
I have a problem with getting my usb stick to boot. I turn on the computer and I either get the Lenovo screen flashing (monitor turning on a off over and over, this happened with most live usb creating programs) or Lenovo screen not flashing, but not doing anything else either (win32 disk imager). It boots just fine without the usb stick plugged in, so the firmware recognizes it, but that's as far as the process goes.
I want to dual boot with Windows 10.

What I've done:

disabled secure boot, and fast boot for windows
it's booting into UEFI (as is Windows)
tried many different programs to create the live USB
used different usb stick, but the computer ignored this one and booted Windows

Is there something else I can try? I haven't come across anyone else with the same issue.

The machine is Lenovo G500 and it came with Windows 8 preinstalled.

EDIT: There is an option in BIOS saying something along the lines of Optimized for: and I can either choose Windows 8 or Other OS. Could this help?