View Full Version : [ubuntu] Help with LiveCD with ATI/NVIDIA proprietary drivers (Ubuntu 14.04)

June 6th, 2015, 03:59 PM
As a tweak to remastersys made remaster possible with 14.04 i was wondering about if anybody could help with a special LiveCD project.

As of now i have my:
Ubuntu 14.04 - Mate Desktop (stock)
Ubuntu 14.04 - Mate Desktop ATI/NVIDIA
The ATI/NVIDIA has both drivers installed but only NVIDIA works (was also the last installed before remaster)

Now the reason behind this is for my system with A8-7600 and good ATI onboard i do have a GTX 750 TI (LP) which i only use normally and it is a pain to get working as after normal ubuntu install i just have a blank screen, now there a ways around this but i do like to just install my LiveCD and everything is install including the latest proprietary graphics driver :)

Now to get to the point, is there any way of customizing this a bit better then having 3 LiveCD´s:
Ubuntu 14.04 - Mate Desktop (stock)
Ubuntu 14.04 - Mate Desktop ATI
Ubuntu 14.04 - Mate Desktop NVIDIA
all taking up about 2GB each on the Multisystem USB setup i have, or is there some way of getting this to work with just 1 Dist that can do a proper "scan" on startup to determinate if it has to load ATI or NVIDIA?
Also it is alot of extra work to have 3 partitions with the same Ubuntu/Mate setup just added the ATI or NVIDIA drivers....

So can this be done? or do i just have to do this the very time consuming way :(