View Full Version : Shortcuts (Keyboard (ibus) and System) buttun up/down/in general

May 16th, 2015, 01:23 AM

after about 6 to 7 years I started trying out ubuntu again. Unfortunately it seems, that within these years nothing has changed. But in case I'm doing something wrong, I want to ask about that.

Version: 14.04

ibus is apparently not able to change the input method via the shortcut Alt+Shift. I read through a lot of posts the last 5 hours, but none of the suggested steps worked. So is it still, that it is really not possible, or do I do something wrong here?

Next I tried to enable the "start menu" through the Windows-Button on my keyboard. This actually worked, but it reacts on the button-down-event. So if the windows key is also bound to any other shortcut (i.e. Super+E opens an editor), both is happening. Start menu opens and Editor opens. And after assigning the windows key as a shortcut, I can't assign any other shortcuts using the windows-key, as it then gets recognized as num-lock-key (sounds like a bug btw).
Anyway.. am I doing something wrong here?

I actually didn't experience any of these behaviours with Unity. But using Unity is like buying a Sports car because you need a car for the supermarked at 1km distance.