View Full Version : Php programmer or System administrator which one has better opportunities

May 2nd, 2015, 05:53 AM
I have 3-4 years of experience in core php ( i know ci, laravel ), recently i am getting interested in the Linux (I am not a total newbie to linux i already know how to write simple shell scripts) and thinking about passing LPIC-1 certifications for better career options.

I am from India. Here you can hire a php developer on low wages, that's the reason behind my question. Is it better to learn Linux or stick to php ?

May 2nd, 2015, 04:52 PM
Why not do both? Forcing yourself to pick between two things might make you better at one thing than the other but being flexible works too.

May 2nd, 2015, 10:29 PM
I agree with CharlesA. Flexibility is how I survived in the field.

I worked in the field for 40 years. I had to re-educate myself on the new technology constantly. I started designing analog circuits, then over the decades expanded my knowledge to other areas including, digital circuit design, microprocessor circuit design and the code that made them work, database design, GUI design, visualization solutions, infrastructure-as-a-service solutions, and big data analysis. I finally retired 2 years ago.

Over the years I saw people loose their jobs because they only knew one thing, and people that had to take low paying jobs because the technology had advanced but they hadn't.

I do not know what the need for a Linux System Admin is in India, nor the difference in pay they may receive. All I can say is, if php programming is all you know your fate in the field is limited to how long php is still used.

May 3rd, 2015, 01:47 PM
Charles has a good point learn both or what you feel comfortable with learning mate