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April 19th, 2015, 12:35 AM
Hi guys/girls

Im new to the linux world and i must admit the change from windows has not been easy. I have a few questions as im clearly
making a lot of mistakes and im getting tired. So im gone to explain what happening and what i have done and hope i can get
this working.

*please note english is not my first language so sorry for any mistakes*

So i have recently built a new PC

motherboard - Asus H97M-E
ram - 8gb hyperX @ 1600
gfx card - Asus GTX 750 OC 2gb

I just moved so didnt have any of my old computer stuff so ended up installing the "ubuntu-14.10-desktop-i386"
from my android using drive droid. it installed fine but was at a small resolution.

after running "sudo apt-get update" i restarted and i was still as a small resolution that i cant change in settings.

so i went looking for my graphics card drivers and this is where my issues started. i used the software center and installed
the latest nvidia drivers rebooted and got a black screen that proceeded to an error. I wish i could say what the error was
but it was only there for a few seconds before it rebooted. After some time in google i found a forum that confused me even more
saying i needed to add a ppa that ubuntu terminal didnt recodnise then apt-get update and install nvidia 334 all under sudo.

so i tried this and i got no luck at this point i noticed i was running the 32bit version of ubuntu.

im now downloading the "ubuntu-14.10-desktop-amd64" but im worried about the name AMD im running intel and downloading on my
connection is taking some time (over 4 hours and im 60% into a 1.1gb download)

so to try and save time i have come to this forum.

2 questions

will "ubuntu-14.10-desktop-amd64" run with my chipset ?


what would be the fast and easy way to get my gtx up and going ?

links to step by step would be very helpfull as i said im new to the linux world.

thanks for any help

April 19th, 2015, 12:57 AM
and just to add more bad news to my day the 64 bit download just failed at 100% seems its not my day. cant even find the .iso parts to resume download.

April 19th, 2015, 01:48 AM
Let us start at the beginning.

1) If we have a 32 bit CPU then we download the i386 ISO image and it does not matter if the CPU is Intel or AMD. Also 32 bit Ubuntu (i386 ISO) will also run on a 64 bit CPU because the CPU architecture is backwards compatible with 32 bit CPUs.

If we have a 64 bit CPU then we download the amd64 ISO image and it does not matter if the CPU is AMD or Intel. But Ubuntu 64 bit (amd64 ISO) will not work with a 32 bit CPU.

2) When we install Ubuntu we get an option to also install third party software. If we tick that box we not only get some proprietary audio and video codecs but also a proprietary video driver. In your case it would be a Nvidia proprietary video driver.

If we do not tick the box to install third party software Ubuntu will use an open source video driver as default. In your case with a Nvidia adapter the open source driver is called Nouveau. It is good enough for most ordinary use.

We can still get those video and audio codecs by installing through the software centre Ubuntu Restricted Extras. And we can change video drivers through System Settings>Software & Updates>Additional Drivers tab. We must be connected to the internet and we must allow time for the utility to do its work.

It is best for new users to first get Ubuntu installed and working. Do you have a reason for needing a Nvidia driver that is not available in Additional Drivers?

3) Ubuntu 14.10 will reach end of life during July this year. So, I suggest that once you have Ubuntu 14.10 installed and before you do too much modification to it, you upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04. It is the latest version of Ubuntu. It will be released next Thursday (23rd). You might wait a week before you upgrade.

The advantage of using 15.04 is that it will have versions of Nvidia drivers later than those in 14.10 and you may not need to mess with the command line and PPAs to get a suitable driver for that graphic adapter.


April 19th, 2015, 02:00 AM
thanks for your help on the 32bit install i had no internet connection so ticking that box was not an option. im midway into the 64 install and have a connection this time so fingers crossed. thanks for the fast reply and advice on the ubuntu update. will just try and get to grips with linux as its all new to me. just hope i have a better time with the next update :)