View Full Version : Static library with -lm dumps core on run time

March 31st, 2015, 09:59 PM
Ubuntu 64bit on an AMD C50 dual core

The c program was initially compiled using dynamic linking and tested fine.

I statically linked it with
gcc a.c b.c -o myprogramEXE -static -lm and also by putting the full path.

I also tested with ldd.

When executing it dumps core on the same input conditions as with dynamic linking and on the same environ!

Why - what is the fix?

When tried with the trace command:

execve("./mypro", ["./mypro"], [/* 61 vars */]) = 0
uname({sys="Linux", node="Acer", ...}) = 0
brk(0) = 0x2668000
brk(0x26691c0) = 0x26691c0
arch_prctl(ARCH_SET_FS, 0x2668880) = 0
readlink("/proc/self/exe", "/home/owner/wfiles/mypro", 4096) = 23
brk(0x268a1c0) = 0x268a1c0
brk(0x268b000) = 0x268b000
access("/etc/ld.so.nohwcap", F_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
write(2, "Expecting two argume"..., 35Expecting two argument
) = 35
exit_group(1) = ?
+++ exited with 1 +++