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February 19th, 2015, 04:23 PM
Has anyone built a serious email program which is tolerable for speed and functionality which

1. uses a spreadsheet for the address book - with separate sheets for distinct contact groups
2. stores emails as ordinary, editable, files - perhaps with html-style headings for the addressees and subject
3. is happy to be told where to keep these files in the folder structure alongside other folders?

Editing emails and address lists would be as easy as editing any other file, and backing up emails would be just like anything else if the data was kept with other user data instead of in hidden files in obscure places (sorry, rant over!). Emails which need to be kept could be kept with other similar documents on the same subject. You could also use the address list for purposes which had nothing to do with email.

This would make transfer of selected material to another computer so much easier. Recently gave up - as not worth the time and effort needed - on transferring a lot of emails from the disk of a computer which had died; the mail program on the new computer was very different from the old despite having the same title. No names, to protect the "innocent"!

Naturally, it would have to be Linux-compliant!