View Full Version : Software raid at install

February 14th, 2015, 02:35 AM
From googling around, is there any other way to install ubuntu on a machine that has multiple disks intended for raid usage?

In my case I am using two arrays, one mirror for the OS, and another stripe for /home. In RH and SUSE based distros its built into the installers. As I am kind of a moron with the differences between desktop/server editions I figure I would ask. Going server isn't a really a put off for me as I am used to the "fun" days of linux where I had to recompile a kernel after install to get my modem, sound card, and console working correctly (yeah circa 1996 that wasn't abnormal). Just figure a simple query here would do the trick.

The end goal is a general purpose system, with currently a RHEL 5 install on it that I used to have a need for testing some apps for a client. That client is now on RHEL 7, so I can play around here. With what seems like everyone and their brother on Ubuntu, why not put that on here? No raid, thats why :P

Thanks in advance,