View Full Version : [xubuntu] xubuntu 14.04 installation - menuLibre

February 10th, 2015, 06:24 PM
Just installed xubuntu 14.04

Its very nice overall and makes my machine feel faster.

However, there are a few little annoyances am trying to smooth. One of them is that it doesn't let me alter MenuLibre. Strange no?

I use the Menu editor from the settings manager.
It doesn't save when am changing categories on/off.
It doesn't let me delete launchers. (eg the default mail launcher can not be deleted.)
Am logged in as admin, btw..

Here's the MenuLibre .desktop file contents - in case it might help somehow??

[Desktop Entry] Name=Menu Editor Comment=Add or remove applications from the menu Exec=/usr/bin/menulibre Terminal=false Type=Application StartupNotify=true Categories=GNOME;Settings;DesktopSettings;Utility; Keywords=Configuration;Menu;User; Icon=menulibre X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=menulibre

Any ideas?

Cheers and many thanks in advance!


February 10th, 2015, 09:00 PM
I've not found menulibre worth using in Xubuntu 14.04, and it seems so much more complicated than alacarte, which is what I use instead. That seems to work fine and in my opinion is much simpler and easier to use.

Give it a try; see what you think.