View Full Version : [SOLVED] 14.10 LUKS cannot enter passphrase

February 7th, 2015, 05:35 PM

I have done clean install of 14.10 on an IBM W540 laptop with an SSID and a harddrive.
SSID = /boot (uenencrypted)
/ (encrypted)
Hard drive = swap (encrypted)
/home (encrypted)

Installation went fine but on boot the splash screen prompts for the passphrase but when I type it nothing shows in the box. Ctl F7 shows that the keypresses are being echoed to this screen. The system never boots and I am never prompted for the passphrase for any of the other two partitions.

If I hit shift on boot and then choose the first option it boots and prompts me for the passphrases for all three partitions, accepts them and boots correctly.

It looks like an issue with splash any ideas ? Am I supposed tp press some key combination to give teh passphrase box focus before typing the passphrase ?

PS I am only using the laptops built in keyboard not a USB keyboard.



February 7th, 2015, 06:31 PM
Try using tab key to focus the box, but if that is no help, I haven't any other idea.

February 7th, 2015, 07:11 PM
Tab doesnt do anything :(

February 10th, 2015, 12:31 AM
Turns out it was "nomodeset" lurking in the grub config that was causing the issue. Removed it and it works fine now.