View Full Version : [ubuntu] Partitioning on Surface Pro with microSD?

February 6th, 2015, 08:50 PM

I have a Surface Pro v.1 that I plan to use Ubuntu 14.04 on. Now in the beginning I'll dualboot it. I've bought a 128gb microSD that I will use in it. I plan to factoryreset the Surface before the Ubuntu-installation and then use 80gb of the internal memory for Ubuntu. When I've used Ubuntu before on other machines I did manual partitioning: about 8-10gb swap, 500mb /boot, 30gb /root and the rest for /home. How is it if I put the /home on the microSD and use much of the internal memory for /root? Has anyone done it, and does it work good? What happends if the sd-card is lost for some reason. Will Ubuntu be unbootable then? How would you recomend that I partition for the installation?