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March 29th, 2005, 02:44 AM
Hi, I am trying to get my orinoco based wireless cards in monitor mode. It looks like I may need to patch the kernel source. So I decided to install the 2.6.11 kernel and patch it with the orinoco-2.6.11-rfmon-dragorn-1.diff patch.
I was following the steps outlined in http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Ker...geDetailedHowto
but I come unstuck at the point where I have to make a dpatch.
this is my command
sudo dpatch patch-template -p "orinoco-2.6.11-rfmon-dragorn-1" "orinoco rfmon patch" < {pathto}orinoco-2.6.11-rfmon-dragorn-1.diff > debian/patches/orinoco-2.6.11-rfmon-dragorn-1.dpatch
this is the answer I get
bash: debian/patches/orinoco-2.6.11-rfmon-dragorn-1.dpatch: Permission denied

Now I take it this is some sort of limitation of sudo?
How do I get around it?
(I am using hoary with kernel 2.6.10-5-386 at the moment)
Thanks for your help

jerome bettis
March 29th, 2005, 05:26 AM
try doing sudo -s <enter> then type the command.

March 29th, 2005, 05:57 AM
try doing sudo -s <enter> then type the command.
Thanks for that, but I was just going to reply to my own email. I fixed it by changing permissions to the user of debian/patches, and also of the patch itself.
( I realised there was no need to do it as root)
but I will remember sudo -s for the next time I am stumped


October 6th, 2005, 01:21 AM
not directly reply above threads's question, but related.

some patch problem, please help

I download somefile.orig.tar.gz and somefile.diff.gz
I gunzip both files
patch somefile.orig.tar somefile.diff
then it 's directory has little bit weired for me, like to see advancer's recheck

patch util-linux_2.12p.orig.tar util-linux_2.12p-6ubuntu5.diff

root@etutor:~/src/somepatch# ls
00list 50hurd.dpatch fstab.example2 README.script
10agetty.dpatch 60_opt_O1.dpatch hwclock.sh rejected-upstream
10cal-widechar.dpatch 70umount-disableuserremount.dpatch lintian-override rules
10cfdisk.dpatch 71swsusp-resume.dpatch mime.util-linux shlibs.local
10debian.dpatch bsdutils.postinst mount.fstab util-linux_2.12p-6ubuntu5.diff
10fstab.dpatch bsdutils.prerm mount.postinst util-linux_2.12p.orig.tar
10license.dpatch changelog mount.prerm util-linux_2.12p.orig.tar.orig
10misc.dpatch changelog.Debian-mount.old postinst util-linux-locales.postinst
10mount.dpatch conffiles postrm util-linux-locales.prerm
10sparcumount.dpatch control preinst
20guesshelper.dpatch copyright prerm
20xgethostname.dpatch fdformat README.Debian.hwclock