View Full Version : Trusty 14.04.2 Release

February 6th, 2015, 11:28 AM
This point release has been delayed and it is likely that it will release 19th February.

No amount of 'is it here yet?' threads on the forum will change that.

We'll be closing those we see.


Thursday has come and, in almost all time zones gone, and I apologize
for us not communicating this well except on IRC. It was fairly
obvious to most, I think, that the HWE bits for 14.04.2 landed a bit
late to realistically expect anyone to validate them (and, indeed, I
still need to clean up some installation oopses on some flavours), so
after discussion with many stakeholders and some flavour leads, we've
opted to delay the release until Feb 19, giving us two weeks of room
to clean up whatever remaining messes we have, get in one or two last
fixes, and give people enough time to validate and be confident in
what they're shipping.

Again, very sorry for the poor communication leading up to this, but
I think this is going to lead to better images and a better product
shipped for everyone involved.

... Adam