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February 1st, 2015, 12:14 PM
Hello, I'm in new mood to learn developing my own website from scratch. I understand that to make a good website, I need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP(If I got a server) and SQL commands. Unfortunately, how can I get a free domain(I need to test without investing money for beginning)? I found that Web Hosting is good because it will give you free domain name and an account to build website also included with FTP feature. I believe these web hosting already got their own web server to let the user upload files and projects. Example like 000webhost. It has FTP(PanelX), and just using it to upload the projects. Sadly, I want to learn from the very low in Web Developing, using the apache2 web server and others. I just don't know how to do that. Googling for them only get the results to learn the markup's and browser programming, but there is no guide how to build website with just a domain name instead of the web hosting. I'm a totally noob in website developing.

Thanks for helping this noob! :KS:KS:KS

UPDATE- - Sorry for the title! It's part from the article I just read. Sorry!

February 1st, 2015, 06:18 PM
If you have a free domain (something like myfreesite.yourhost.com) you don't have access to the web server but can only upload webpages that will be served by the hosts webserver (could be Apache, Nginx, IIS or anything else). Some hosts give you (limited) access to their MySQL database so you can create your own tables and they provide PHP. But I never heard of the combination free domain AND total control of the webserver (bascially meaning root access on the remote machine).

You can play around with a web server on your local machine (it's not hard to install Apache or Nginx on Ubuntu). Then you do have full control of the web server and you can visit your local websites by typing localhost in the browser. Why do you need a public website just for learning purposes?

February 2nd, 2015, 08:01 AM
I just wanna learn why people love to making website. Just wanna gathering experience from scratch. I know how to use those hostings. Unfortunately, I don't get what I expected, the limits, and etc. Btw, I just found a free domain(only domain), but it need manual setup(that's what I'm looking for) like setting up LAMP and how to use manually. I just wanna know if this possible?

1. A domain
2. LAMP(Apache2, MySQL, PHP)

Can I build website from scratch just from those?