View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation type "Use LVM with the new Ubuntu installation" cannot be selected

January 24th, 2015, 11:29 PM
Hi community,

trying to install Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.1 on a Lenovo X230 notebook using LVM. On the screen "Installation type" I'd like to select "Use LVM with the new Ubuntu installation". However, I can only select "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" and "Something else". As soon as I move down, the options "Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security" and "Use LVM ..." grey out and the selection jumps down to the last option. See attached pic.

So I selected "Something else" and created boot and swap partitions, and I wanted to create a PV for LVM. Well, here again: no way to create a "Physical volume for LVM" or similar here.

Before starting the installation I deleted all existing partitions with GParted Live.

Any hint what's wrong here?

Thanks & BR