View Full Version : [ubuntu] Reinstall Ubuntu Using DVD

January 21st, 2015, 03:38 AM
Alright so I'm fairly new to linux and not terribly tech-savvy. I installed Ubuntu last spring and am now getting an error message constantly and I cannot install any apps (Every time I try to boot up the software center it crashes on me)... Anyway, I've just been putting up with this for awhile but now I have to fix the problem fast as I'm scheduled to have a meeting via skype tomorrow night. I was thinking the fastest way to fix the problem is to wipe my computer and install the latest version. I have already loaded the latest on a DVD but I don't know what to do to get Ubuntu to boot from a DVD and whatnot....Does anybody know what to do here? Again I'm in a time crunch so I really don't want to troubleshoot and I have everything backed up.


January 21st, 2015, 04:46 AM
You indicate you are constantly getting an error message but you neglected to say what that error message is!

If you want to re-install by booting from the DVD, you will need to set the DVD drive to first boot priority in the BIOS. When you boot the computer, you should see a message on-screen, most often at the very bottom of the screen telling you to press a specific key to "enter setup". The key varies with the manufacturer hardware so there is no way we can tell which one. Just watch the screen and look for a Boot option and a Boot priority option. Make the necessary change and make sure to save the change, usually by pressing the F10 key.