View Full Version : [ubuntu] looking for Vaio Control Center or alternative, battery issues

January 20th, 2015, 02:22 PM
Hey people,

I'm new to Linux. I'm using ubuntu 14.10 on a Sony Vaio Pro 13. My Notebook works like a champ but I noticed my battery doesn't last for long with Win. 8.1. the battery life was way wetter. I think the reason was because I could manage my power with Vaio Control Center. After my reaserch for Vaio Control Center I found this here http://sourceforge.net/projects/vaio-control-ce/ but it seems like it's outdated or it doesn't fit to my Vaio neither I haven't any idea how to instal this. sudo apt-get install vaio-control-center? Does anyone know where I could get a working one or an alternative to Vaio Control Center program? I have searched severel forum for Vaio Control Center but no success.

My GPU is updated.

Infos to my Notebook:
Vaio Pro 13
i7 4th gen
Intel HD 4400
8 Ram

OS: ubuntu 14.10 64 bit

Feel free to ask quiestion if you have

Kind regards