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January 20th, 2015, 02:13 PM
Hi everyone, first, sorry for my grammar english isn't my mother tounge.

I have some question after expend days in this topic, let me give you a resume:

Recently i've been using Ubuntu 14.04, intuitive, easy going, i barely use console, everything went smooth until yesterday, i think that is the best distro for me, but, is the best version for my intentions?.

So far, Dota 2 is my favorite game, and i know that ubuntu=steam=dota are making a nice enviorement to play; for a lot of people runs like they say "runs butter smooth", well dota 2 downloaded and installed, dispite all my trys i dnt make it, i cant solve video drivers issues (dnt forget i barely know how use ubuntu, i want to learn and keep it because its awesome).

This is the main stuff: core 2 duo 3ghz , 2 gb ram, Nvidia gt 520 ( i know not an awesome pc, but i play on win7 and its ok) but when i play on ubuntu load time are awesome trust me, my mouth is open with load times, but in game my fps falls constantly and i tought that is due to drivers.

i read other posts, even other forums, but never ask anything, now questions:

What i should do?
Which Drivers i should download?
Which is the correct way to install?

If you need see something, i take a screenshot and post it here.

PD: if you are nice pls dont send links to other post, trust me i read it and try it, i'm glad to take a look again, but if i ask is because i dont find the way after see a lot of post, topics, forums.

A few webpages (not from ubuntuforums that i looked before)




January 20th, 2015, 03:11 PM
You're GPU is new enough to run the latest nvidia-proprietary drivers. You can do as the guides in your links suggest and install from the additional drivers tab of Software & Updates.

You should be fine sticking with 14.04 for now, keeping it regularly updated.

If the above doesn't work then a deeper analysis of hardware and software will be needed.

January 20th, 2015, 04:48 PM
Actually works, i change drivers from noveau to 331.133 Nvidia and looks better, but i've little drop of fps almost every 5 seconds, lets see ill play on win7 at 60-50 fps, on ubuntu 50 and drop to 15 fps even if i stay in one place, i dont know if this is usual, i'm totally fine with general behavior its awesome but this drop of fps is the only thing that i want change.

I'm thinking solutions "reinstall ubuntu from 0" just in case that i make some mistake with drivers, but i dont want download steam and dota 2 again so, is my last option, it would be nice if someone with same pc specs appears but its an old pc.