View Full Version : Got me a new desktop

November 19th, 2014, 08:24 PM
I bought me a budget desktop a couple of weeks ago: LENOVO H530 with Windows 8.1, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD and AMD R5 235 graphics. Since then I've installed a 256GB Samsung 840pro SSD as C: drive(using the 2TB HDD as F: backups & system image and G:data drives), installed 16GB (2x 8GB) Kingston RAM, updated my AMD to 7000series, and hooked it up to my 32" LG 32LD350 HDTV via HDMI and for sound my LG H805 PH Home Cinema . After working the bugs and birth pains out I'm really happy. I don't understand what the big hooha is about windows 8.1 that so many people don't like it, I find it really fast, specially that the computer boots before my TV! haha!(I guess that Ubuntu got me prepared for using the apps screen by using the DASH, I even uninstalled the stupid start menu from pokiki that came as bulkware with the software).
Now my laptop is totally windows free and has Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 14.10 and now I've been trying out Kubuntu the last couple of weeks on a 3rd partition(don't really care for it, I find I'm playing with the tweaks more than being productive). I have tried out at least 8 different distros over the years since 2011 and always went back to Ubuntu. Now I can use my laptop as a dedicated Linux/GNU computer I can try out even more. By the way when I only had Ubuntu 14.04 on it, it booted with POST in under 7 seconds with an SSD, basically as fast as windows 8 with fast boot turned on. How about that HA!