View Full Version : [gnome] german umlaute not working in terminal but working in Libre Office

October 11th, 2014, 06:52 AM
I am running the German version of Ubuntu-14.04 on an eeePC laptop under gnome fallback. Whereas every key (including the German umlaute ,,) works correctly in Libre Office Writer these latter characters are not shown in the terminal; Instead of '' I get '(arg: 6)' and instead of '' or '' I get nothing. This is in itself not problematic as these characters are not used in any script.

However it might be the reason why I do not get them transferred to another PC by using the TurboVNC client running on my eeePC and Turbovncserver on the remote PC. In this case I neither get the umlaute but in addition I get '?/' (question mark followed by slash) instead of '/' (slash) and '"' (double quote) instead of ''' (single quote) which is extremely annoying.

Since the two problems might be related I think that the first one should be fixed first and then the second one might be solved,
Any ideas are welcome.