View Full Version : [SOLVED] Install from USB Issues 14.04

September 7th, 2014, 03:00 AM
Hi, I'm trying to reinstall Ubuntu after my previous HD died, or so I think, and I'm running into issues. I made the ISO bootable using LiLi, PendriveLinux and Unetbootin but all routes lead to the systems taking a long time at the Ubuntu 14.04 boot screens. I cannot get the system to move past that screen regardless of trying to flat out install it from the usb drive or trying it as a live image first. I have tried different USB drives and different USB ports to the same results.

This all happened after some information went missing from my old hard drive, the boots became slow, so I tried upgrading my old 12.04 install to 14.04. Things went downhill fairly fast as the upgrade seemed to be the final nail in the coffin as boots would take ages.

Is something else up with this old computer and not just the old hard drive?
Any suggestions for getting past the loading screen? I did try booting with noapic.

Old P4 processor
New 500GB HDD
2.5GB Ram


EDIT: I tried running acpi=off, noapic, and nolapic and it is booting so I'm marking this as solved for now!