View Full Version : Ubuntu 14.04 Macbook 9,1 install issues: Skype, Printer, Wirless Drops

August 26th, 2014, 04:20 AM

I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my macbook Pro and the installation largely went well.

I had few questions regarding some issues I am observing and any help is well appreciated in advance:

a) Wireless did not work out of the box. However, I tried to install manually using wired connection first and then configuring wireless through terminal. It started working after that.
The connection was dropping quite a bit though and I had to always disconnect and reconnect. To address that I adjusted the settings of the wirless connection by manually entering the details (IP, gateway, etc) and it has been stable since then. Though the speed is lower than what I observe in OS X.
Question: Is this the correct approach to set up wireless? Or, I should be doing something else.

b) Skype does not work well: I am able to install Skype by downloading the installer from Skype website and installing the same using Software updater. However, the audio did not work well. I am able to hear the voice of other party but they can't hear me. Also, video is not working well. How should I address this?

c) I have cannon PIXMA MP560 Printer. It is a wireless printer and i need to install the same on network. I was able to add the printer using (tried both add printer wizard as well as cups). However, when I submit print jobs, the do not print and their status is always 'Held' in the print queue.

I have explored available forums for all of these issues and tried to hack around. However, unfortunately I have been unsuccessful so far.

Again, I really appreciate your help in this regards.

Thank you!