View Full Version : 14.04 on x1 carbon 2gen confuses desktop with tablet

August 14th, 2014, 07:24 PM
Hi all,

I have a little problem with my X1 Carbon, that is the second generation (the one with the touchscreen and a resolution of a total of 2500 x 1440 ). Up until yesterday, most of everything I did worked (aside from a couple of things like the adaptive keyboards etc , but that is not my actual issue...).

I upgraded to 14.04 this morning, and ever since, my entire desktop has become HUGE, while the downloaded software kept a resolution true to the one of the screen. in comparaison, everything was tinny, and now everything is still tiny, that is not from the OS itself; every window, even the taskbar at the top of the screen has become absolutely huge, as if the OS were confusing the computer's touchscreen abilities with one of a tablet.... does anyone have a fix for this or knows what I can do to get back to actual, true resolution of my screen ? it lreall looks awefull and is a pain to work with like this... I would appreciate anyhelp!

PS: the issue stays the same wether I boot into GNOME, the system default, or any other setting....