View Full Version : What multimedia backend for python app?

July 27th, 2014, 08:42 PM
I would like to create a simple app for playing internet radio streams. This app will be coded in python and pyqt. The primary reason for this is to have an app that have simple interface for playing radio streams and have nice integration into KDE desktop.

Today I spend almost whole day figuring out what multimedia backend should I use. So far I have discovered:

Phonon - is a KDE/QT wrapper, which can use gstreamer or vlc or other backend to play multimedia, this is used in KDE, however I haven't been able to find any docs about it, the only thing I found is that phonon is being silently abandoned by QT in favor of QtMultimedia and QtMobility

GStreamer - is some kind of a multimedia framework, which support almost everything through the use of plugins, gstreamer is build around gobject and require glib which both I think are gnome related libraries and I really don't know how would that fit into 'nice integration into KDE desktop'.

libVLC - something like gstreamer, I have found a few examples on vlc website, the python binding is auto generated by some script so the binding is always updated.

I know that there are others backends like xine or arts but from what I've read so far, those three that I mentioned are the most current. Please correct me if am wrong.

So to sum up, I really don't know what to pick, not even how to choose between them.

If anybody can help me understand the differences and the purpose of these frameworks that would be great and I would be thankful. Also what backend should I use in my app?
Thanks for any help.