View Full Version : Docks, launchers, gadgets, screenlets, etc.

July 5th, 2014, 12:14 PM
Hrmmm, this is kind of hard to explain... Anyone know of any GOOD ones? I'ved used cairo-dock, AWN, Docky, and while they're all fine as dock-launchers, none of them can quite do what I'm wanting.... Desklets and screenlets seem really unstable and undeveloped. See... maybe this will explain it a little better... I've kind of built my own desktop theme, and I'd like to define my own desktop-launchers/shortcuts/whatever, in varying sizes and shapes, to blend seamlessly with the interface. Most dock-launchers will only allow launchers to be stuck to one edge of the screen, without free-floating icons. Cairo will do that, but it's a lot of overhead to run seperate docks for each, and I don't want to be restricted to relatively squarish launchers. Nearly verything I've found (that doesn't just randomly crash all the time like the desklets) is an all-or-nothing deal. Text under icons or not, applies to them all. Size applies to them all. Nothing that will let me create a single-click area 3-times as wide as tall, on a specific part of the screen.I've actually started writing a PyGTK script for this... I don't speak python very well, but I'm teaching myself as I go. I've got it mostly working, run it with:
"py_launcher target_app [-I=icon] [-X=X-pos] [-Y=Ypos] [-W=Width] [-H=Height] Just hoping someone already knows of something else out there like this, because I haven't been able to find anything suitable.bbcode doesn't appear to be working for me today.