View Full Version : [ubuntu] 14.04 Server: Fresh install errors: corrupted double-linked list, assertion botched

June 20th, 2014, 04:36 AM
Downloaded the 14.04 server ISO burned that image to cdrom, installed - experienced this error at approx 85% during installation step: Select and install software -- I have selected none of the optional packages to install.

*** Error in `/usr/bin/dpkg`: corrupted double-linked list: 0x00000000017f48c0 ***

Installation program gives the option to retry finishing installation, I did, and installation proceeded. I used this server to build and configure a webserver, php, postfix, mysql, etc.
There were numerous errors with cron jobs segfaulting and tab completion dumping core, so I decided to reinstall.

I downloaded the ISO again, burned that fresh image to a brand new USB drive. Installed. Experienced same error at same point of installation (corrupted double-linked list). I proceeded ahead.
Post install, during apt-get upgrade process (second command I ran after booting the fresh new installation) I opened another terminal and sudo'd bash. I was going to review /var/log for clues about the previous error. When tab completing looking for apt/ in /var/log I was greeted with the ever-so-unhelpful error:

malloc .././dispose_cmd.c:205: assertion botched
free: start and end chunk sizes differ

This is the same error I formatted my entire web server over. After getting this message, the bash shell exits and any text I type fails to echo to the screen. typing reset and pressing enter causes the screen to rest and text to work normally again. Problem is isolated to multiple attempts to bash autocomplete. These errors occur before apt has even begun the upgrade process on any packages (still downloading.)

Based on some old kernel bug reports from the 2.6.x days I have disabled the "Cool n quiet" feature in the BIOS and attempted a fresh install again. The dpkg error happened again (after a format and fresh install to a primary partition on an unused drive.)

Subsequent attempts to do a "clean" install (format and install from fresh) result in the same error process. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt to get past the 85% installation mark, other times it only takes one.

Somebody, help! I'm at a bit of a loss...