View Full Version : customize a keyboard configuration

June 13th, 2014, 11:12 PM
Hi everyone :)

I'm using ubuntu 12.04.

I have a French keyboard and I also installed the Serbian keyboard (cyrillic). I use a shortcut to switch between them.

I would like to add a third keyboard configuration : Russian, but not the one provided by ubuntu.

I would like to make my own : Serbian keyboard (provided by ubuntu) + Russian missing letters instead of Serbian letters that don't exist in Russian.

Basically Serbian and Russian languages share the same alphabet, the first has a few different letters the other one has not and vice versa, so I would like to replace these letters by the missing Russian letters.

But I have no idea on how to do that :\

It would be awesome if someone could help me with that.
Thanks in advance and have a nice week-end :)