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June 11th, 2014, 03:13 AM
I have successfully booted 12.04 LTS from an 8 Ghz stick for some time. The problem started when I decided to upgrade to 14.04LTS. I am receiving low space error messages on a fresh install on original 8 GHZ and also a 2 GHz stick.

I have downloaded direct the ISO, and from the torrent numerous times . I have used both ubooten windows 578 and universal-USB installer 1,9.5.3 all with the same results.
If I specify a persist of any size, it is full when I boot . It appears to be populated with duplicate files from dev0loop. No persist and I still get the error. I format/full the usb stick every time I reload the ISO.

The system is dual 2 GHZ , 3 GHZ Ram

It Boots normally but very quickly shows low or no space.

Disk utility shows on the 2GHZ stick 48 % free with a 981MB loop Dev-0
I think that is about normal.

When I run the disk analyzer it gets fun.

/ is 100% 4.3 GB
usr is 2.4 GB
var is 1.76 GB
The rest of the numbers look reasonable

Remember this is a 2 GHZ stick.

I have exhausted my very limited ubuntu knowledge. What have I missed or what am I doing wrong. It almost looks like it is loading twice or thinks it is.


June 11th, 2014, 02:52 PM
Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums :-)

- Are you trying to run a persistent live system from your USB sticks, or are you trying to create an installed system on USB (installed like it would be installed into an internal drive? Or both?

- Are you also trying to run a system without persistence, which is 'only' live?

- Is it standard Ubuntu or some other flavour (Xubuntu or Lubuntu) which are lighter?

- Do you mean Unetbootin when you write 'ubooten'?

- How did you upgrade to 14.04 LTS?

Edit: please read this link, and if you wish also some of the links from it