View Full Version : [ubuntu] Bug with Kernel Headers and Unity

June 11th, 2014, 12:47 AM
For the record, my system is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Running Radeon RV710 [HD 4550]

In one of the updates from the Update Manager, there is a certain update (may be other causing issue) that I recall called "linux-headers-generic". When I install this update and reboot, I get issues with Unity like this:

Here, I get this strange
red border around the selection
arrow for my sidebar apps.

Here, when I click on the
Dash Home icon, nothing
pops up and I get a blank
title bar

Zoomed In for clarification

As to why I don't just not install the update, the linux header has something to do with xorg, and has somehow resolved one of my past issues which was receiving the error "glxChooseVisual Failed" when trying to run Steam. The obvious downside is the red border and more importantly not being able to open my Dash Home.

Other problems this causes is not being able to click on the title bar of any window, nor being able to close it.
Resetting Unity fixes the issue but apparently this is part of an important update so I'm wondering if this is a bug?
Any help or ideas?