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October 26th, 2004, 07:12 PM
Updated 06/13/2005:

1. WE ASK THE USERS ON THE UBUNTUFORUMS TO PLEASE FOLLOW THE UBUNTU CODE OF CONDUCT (http://www.ubuntulinux.org/community/conduct). The CoC is the "contract" that we moderators and the community at large must follow. It is each user's responsibility to know the CoC before posting.

2. The most important part of the Ubuntu CoC: Be polite. This is a end user forum community, moderated by ubuntu users. No flames, trolls, or spam will be tolerated.

3. The administrators will often ask for general input on forum changes, please respect their choices. Moderators will often edit posts as they see fit. Please respect their choices. Any disputes you have with the moderation team should be brought up in a post in the Resolution Center. Disputes posted anywhere else in the forums will be closed.

4. Try to make your postings understandable, we have users from all over the world and not all of us are fluent in every language.


* Keep the topic of your posts succinct. Totally open ended questions lead to too much confusion and a single thread will get too crowded to have any meaningful conversation come out of it. We may ask for clarification under certain circumstances. Please don't take offense, we're only trying to make information accessible and clear to everyone.
* Write in English the best you can.
* Add white space to your posts. Use enter for paragraphs.
* Use correct punctuation. Never use more than one question mark or exclamation mark and only at the end of a sentence.
* Never use leet-speak or slang. The purpose of language is being understood, not sounding cool.
* Never invent acronyms, use as few acronyms as possible. It's called a problem, not a "pb" and a question, not a "Q".
* Never use colors in all of your posts. Colors are there to highlight something important.
* Read your post over before posting it. Try to catch typos.

5. Post in the correct section. The forums are divided into sections to make it easier to read and maintain. Read each sections description before posting. The How-to/Faq section is for guides, not questions. If you are uncertain where to post, post in "general support". If you misplace your thread, don't repost it, simply report it to a moderator using the "Report to moderator" button and ask the moderators to move it to the correct forum.

6. Report bad posts. If you discover an abusive post, or someone posting a thread in the wrong section, report it to the moderators using the Report to moderator button.

7. Go easy on the images, they may help to explain something more clearly or indicate a problem you are experiencing better but you have to remember that not everyone has the same amount of bandwidth to waste on downloading large image files. If you feel you have to post images, make sure that they're properly compressed and no more than 80KB at the absolute most.

Images are not allowed in signatures.

June 13th, 2005, 05:46 AM
updated 06/13/05

October 30th, 2006, 11:51 PM
Item #3 edited for clarity and modified to reflect existing policy 10/30/2006