View Full Version : [xubuntu] set-up of (X)ubuntu on LG X110 netbook

June 10th, 2014, 05:25 PM
I have installed Xubuntu on my netbook LG X110 using an ARM processor. I am using Xubuntu on the netbook because I am used to using Xubuntu. The version number is 12.04 LTS along with Windows XP as a Dual boot.

But I am having problems :-

My new login name does not come up as standard, I have to enter as "other".
At login point, a new session always needs to be created, never seems to be able use old session. Just hangs, with the rotating connection symbol.
Once booted by using a new session, very slow, even slower by a factor of 2 than the XP home that I using in the other partition
and the final straw today I seem to be unable to shutdown , just hangs until I select cancel, then shuts down.

Since , this is a dual boot system should I, just erase the linux partitions and start again, and see if there is any change in behaviour or are there any other suggestions as to what may be going wrong. I need to keep the XP boot partition because I have written a program in Tcl/Tk (windows) and I need to keep that program operational.

PS I have several dual systems using Windows XP-Pro and 12.04 LTS with no problems that I am aware of.
Best Wishes
Jim R