View Full Version : upgrading to 14.04, Trusty Tahr

June 8th, 2014, 09:17 PM
I have had problems upgrading to 14.04. During upgrade towards the end, after "...fxsprogs", I get a message about the desktop and to report a bug. Apologies, that I'm not more specific but the loading of packages is so quick and the type so small for these weary old eyes! After, 14.04 has 'loaded', I remove the DVD and reboot from HHD either I get a blank screen, a screen with Ubuntu colours, but no mouse or kbd response and no lefthand side bar. Yes, I read the Installation instructions several times I don't think I missed anything.Tried various connections direct Ethernet, or WiFi to no avail. Even took the PC apart. MoBo: Asus M4N68T-M LE-V2, CPU: AMD Athlon II X2-250, HHD: WD5000AZRX, MEM:Crucial CT25664BA 1339A 16FG(one) the other 8FH cannot remember why the numerical difference but it also reflects in the physical, then there is only the CD/DVD player and PSU which should not affect loading the Trusty Tahr. This configuration I have used with no problems from Nutty Narwhal to Quantal Quetzal to which I have reverted and is as sweet as a nut. Grateful, for any assistance