View Full Version : [kubuntu] How support farsi font in bash.

May 20th, 2014, 10:22 AM
after I upgrade to kubuntu 14.04 there is no support for Persian(farsi) fonts in bash. for example if I type a folder name in Persian only some ? will display instead of it.
example of ls command in a folder with persian folder names:

user2@dentmoc-Rev-1-0:~/Music/Persian$ ls
6o8 ?????????? JADID Nancy-?????????? Shahab Tiam-???????? ????????
88 Javad Yasari-???????? ?????????? NoushAfarin-?????? ?????????? Sohrab Asadi-?????????? ????????
Afghani-???????????? Dance-???????? Kamran O Human-???????????? ?? ???????? Omid-???????? Sorush Ganjine-???????? ????????????
Ali Abdolmaleki Darius-???????????? Leyla Foruhar-???????? ?????????? Pop Mix-?????????? ?????? Techno Mix-?????????? ????????

I added persian(farsi) language in systemsettings and installed some persian fonts but nothing happened. before upgrade to 14.04 I had no problem with Persian fonts.