View Full Version : Broke my GNOME

May 9th, 2014, 03:40 AM
Hi all.
Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 was a fresh install several days ago. Using NVIDIA restricted driver. I was going to add a menu entry with Menulibre (I believe it just says "Menu Editor" in the "All Programs" menu. I successfully added an item before with it. This time I tried to save it and it crashed my GNOME. Just did a simple reboot and now my user has a messed-up GNOME session.

I can boot up and it shows my user screen where I select my user name just fine. I can choose my desktop environment (installed xfce from Ctrl+Alt+F1) and all the normal stuff. However when I log in I just get a black screen on both of my monitors. I tried removing .profile .gnome and other file in my home directory but I cannot remember which. Reboot same problem.

Downloaded XFCE and use the menu editor to remove the created launcher. Then tried to log in under the GNOME desktop. Same problem.

So it boils down to this. How do I completely reset GNOME configuration from nothing?
I would like to just have to remove some configs and have it auto re-create the files for me. Or can I just do a apt-get --reinstall gnome to make it re-configure to default?
I really do not want to have to reinstall all of Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 to fix this.
Any help would be appreciated. I am running in XFCE now until I can get this resolved.
Thanks in advance.