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May 8th, 2014, 06:37 PM
I recently upgraded AMD64 Ubuntu ver 12.04 LTS to v 13.10 (about 1 week before the 14.04 LTS release) and then noticed that the display would freeze and the only possible way to recover was ALT-F2 and ALT-F7 or Alt-SysReq-REISUB or by hitting the reset button on the computer case. I continued the upgrade to v 14.04 recently, but the problem still reoccurs.

I removed compiz from the machine and also reinstalled gnome and that temporarily fixed the problem, but last night, while trying to run, the screen froze up again. The CLI processes seem to be running normally and only the X-windows portion seems affected, with loss of both keyboard and mouse clicks.

Since I am doing business with this computer, should I:

1) drop back to the 12.04 LTS release, until this problem is satisfactorily resolved? (others have complained about similar screen freezes)
2) only run on the 14.04 server edition?
3) hope that very soon now the correct fix will be discovered for 14.04 LTS ?

The problem acts like a memory leak, but I really cannot do business with this machine reliably until it is fixed and would prefer to have a graphics desktop.

Any ideas?

May 9th, 2014, 03:04 PM
An LTS release can be upgraded to the next LTS release without the in between releases. This problem could be because of your upgrade process. I would suggest a fresh install. On a side note, 12o4 is supported for three more years.

May 11th, 2014, 12:01 AM
This is about what I figured would happen. I will do a fresh 14.04 LTS install.

August 17th, 2014, 04:25 PM
Re: Going direct from 12.04 to 14.04 -> Not through the supported installer, apparently, because my upgrade center ran me through the same incremental steps, and I have the same issue with desktop freezing.