View Full Version : [ubuntu] xkeyboard in 14.10: Ctrl+Space missing

May 1st, 2014, 06:06 PM
I have installed 14.10 from scratch with german keyboard layout on a lenovo T500 laptop -> works with unity!
Due to limited resources I added fvwm as window manager as I had done in 13.10. X and fvwm are working, but the language and keyboard environment is reset to "us". I have created an xorg.conf file and entered the keyboard layout without success. When I start X as root from the commandline everything is OK, so I am pretty sure that my xorg.conf is correct.
I can call setxkbmap to get the german keyboard layout but what makes the system unusable for me, is that the keys Ctrl+Space key combination is not working.

I hope the Ctrl+Space problem disappears, when I can find and fix the reason for the reset of the language environment.

In 13.10 a similar setup worked without the xorg.conf out of the box. Being an emacs user for more than half of my life I need this key combination so any help is very welcome.