View Full Version : Telstra tbox xbmc firewall help

April 27th, 2014, 01:11 AM
Hi all

Does anyone have a telstra tbox?

When using my media on the tbox it will only recognise windows computers on the network. If i install debian/xbmc from the software centre,the tbox will recognise xbmc, thus a way to share from Ubuntu PC to the tv.

My problem is this, If i turn off the uncomplicated firewall (UFW) completely, i can access xbmc files through the tbox, but if the firewall is on i can only see xbmc but can't access the files through the tbox.

What ports does xbmc need open?

google told me to open ports 80/8080/1900/2869/901/443/9777 for xbmc to work. Unfortunately this did not help. I thought i may need to change the router firewall settings but as said it works when turning off ubuntu UFW

So my questions are what ports need to be opened ?

Is my Ubuntu firewall necessary since my router has a firewall??