View Full Version : [ubuntu] Before upgrading to 14.04

April 26th, 2014, 11:47 PM
This is a single OS system (Ubuntu).

I'm having multiple issues with a recent Clonezilla install (re-install) of 12.04 LTS (not 12.04.1,2,3,4). I've decided the best way is to upgrade to 14.04. Before I do that, I want to learn how to know what applications or software are User installed and/or dependency installed. I would like to create a list or some-sort-of-file that can be either copied back to the fresh install or opened by, for example, Synaptic, that will not only know which apps/software programs, configuration files, etc., to bring into the fresh install, but will also recognize the difference between the 'old' 12.04 packages and the 'new' 14.04 and update and/or upgrade the packages and their associated dependencies dare-I-say automatically?

I've read at several posts at AskUbuntu, e.g.:

How to list all installed packages? (http://askubuntu.com/questions/17823/how-to-list-all-installed-packages)

and the associated links at that post.

I've read that Aptitude has been updated and is again 'safe' to use. Is that the current thinking here at Ubuntu Forums? Will Synaptic properly read both user install packages and dependencies and 'restore' them to a fresh (bare metal install)?

Lastly, if I wait until July (2014), what is the chance that doing a distribution upgrade may resolve the video graphic problems, which are:

between the handoff from the BIOS to the bootloader two lines of ascii text:

[Error] No suitable video mode found
[Error] No video mode activated

then the OS boots and all things work without problems.

I keep an external backup of /home via deja-dup.