View Full Version : Programs on Launcher won't open, icon glows on click but no execution

April 22nd, 2014, 03:58 PM
I'm having some very strange behavior with the Launcher in both Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04.

I had 12.04 running perfectly fine for about a year on a custom-built desktop. Then one day I clicked the Firefox icon on the Lancher. It glowed like it was going to load, but no actual window displayed. I ran it from the command line and it said "maximum number of clients reached" which was odd because there were no instances running. After a while I began to notice that if I left my computer on for more than a few hours this behavior would happen to ALL graphical programs on the Launcher. Rhythmbox, Writer, etc... would all just glow briefly and never open. However, I had shortcuts mapped to Terminal, and even though it was on the Launcher I could open it with 'alt+T'. Eventually I had to resort to rebooting my machine every few hours if I wanted to run graphical programs.

So along comes 14.04 and I'm hoping a fresh install will make me forget these problems. Ironically, I'm having the same end result but in a backwards manner. That is to say... keyboard shortcuts open a program such as terminal, as I can see it "glow" in the Launcher, but I never get an application window. Meanwhile a simple click of the icon in the Launcher opens the application successfully.

Why am I gettting this "glowing but not opening" behavior of programs on the launcher across releases? This was a fresh install BTW, not an upgrade. FWIW I have 24 gig of ram, both OS's boot off an SSD, and my CPU/mobo are pretty good as well.

If anyone has similar symptoms or a solution please let me know, because I've found no leads online as of yet.