View Full Version : [ubuntu] Unity minimize on click freezing 14.04

April 18th, 2014, 01:19 AM
I was using the beta 2 release of 14.04 for about 3 weeks with the setting for minimize on click for the launcher enabled with no issues whatsoever. I now do a fresh install of the release candidate, and all of a sudden Unity completely freezes up when I have it enabled and try to minimize an application by clicking on that icon. I've had to go into an alternate virtual terminal just to close down anything that looks like it's hogging resources. In fact, it kind of looks like instead of minimizing the program, it tries to open a second of that program and then freezes up. I found the only solution is to turn it off for now, but I figured I would see if anyone else has had this issue or a resolution.


EDIT: It seems that I was wrong about the option of minimizing/maximizing windows from the launcher being the cause. I was using nitrogen to produce two separate wallpapers for my two monitors instead of Ubuntu's default wallpaper manager. For it to work, I have to disable the file manager from using the desktop; ie: no icons on the desktop, etc. I found that when I disable nitrogen, and re-enable the default options for wallpapers, it works fine - even the minimizing from the launcher. If I disable that option, everything starts freezing again. Not really sure what's going on there, as it wasn't an issue in Beta 2.