View Full Version : Desktop Icon Groups?

March 25th, 2014, 03:13 AM
Has anyone ever seen a way to have a number of desktop icons that show a group of desktop icons when you mouse over one of them? For example, say you have an "Internet apps" icon on your desktop. When you mouse over it, a handful of icons for applications in that group come up. When you move the mouse cursor outside of the group, the icons disappear. That seems like that would be a good way to keep your desktop free of clutter..

I guess something like Fences for Windows (http://www.stardock.com/products/fences/), but have the icon groups only show up when you mouse over the parent icon.

March 25th, 2014, 12:46 PM
Please have a look here :

A google search brings many answers and tutorials.

March 25th, 2014, 03:07 PM
Thanks for the response. However, the main thing I was asking about is if the icon group can be represented by a single icon that expands to show all associated icons when moused over.