View Full Version : XServer doesn't appear to start with dual screen

March 20th, 2014, 01:30 PM
Hi, long time reader, first time poster, so please point me in the right direction if I've posted in the wrong place or more info is needed.

I have a brand new Dell Precision M3800 (normal display, not the ridiculously high res one) on which I installed Ubuntu 12.04 and installed the latest NVidia drivers (331, but I've also tried 319). I have an external monitor connected through the displayport out, which appears to work fine, except for logging in or restarting X server (ctrl+alt+backspace). If I try to do so, some console text comes up shortly on the internal monitor, then the same text appears shortly on the external monitor, then both monitors flicker a bit (sequentially) and ultimately, the login screen shows. This is the most important issue to solve for me, because of how annoying it is to disconnect my monitor every time I login.

FYI: the graphics card is a Quadro K1100M, as well as an integrated intel device.

Additionaly, the nvidia-settings tool shows one lumped screen, rather than two as the 'Displays' utility shows (see picture).

This is similar to how the worspaces are arranged, switching workspaces switches content on both monitors, which is annoying (let alone disconnecting my external monitor when I go on the move). Ultimately, I'd like to maintain the 9 workspaces in a grid and show one workspace on each monitor, but first things first I guess :)