View Full Version : Cat + Keyboard = delete browser history!

March 1st, 2014, 04:13 PM
Yikes! The cat sat on the keyboard and the next thing I know I am getting prompted to clear my browser history and cache!

There used to be a feature, setting or program for Ubuntu (not PawSense, which costs money) that would detect multiple simultaneous keystrokes and other randomness, and temporarily lock the keyboard. I had it installed, I think, way back on my 10.04 system.

Unfortunately I cannot remember what it was called, and I do not see it in any of my searchs!

Does anybody know about this which I am talking about? I could really use it for I have one cat that when I sit down at the computer she comes running and demands to be on my lap! She also tries to chew my mouse and every once in a while gets a hankering for the keyboard.

I'm not even bringing up the laptop that the cats like walking over to look out the window (free tushy-warmer to boot!)