View Full Version : [ubuntu] Desktop video problem with Dell Poweredge SC440

February 6th, 2014, 10:34 PM

I have a Dell Poweredge SC440 with Dual Core Xeon and the video is the ATI ES1000.
I am using Ubuntu 14.04. When I boot the Ubuntu does not recognize the ATI ES 1000 video. I have not had a problem in the past. I was recently using Ubuntu 13.10 The computer Boots fine, the Desktop Does not show the Left edge listing the programs current running or the Harddrives. It also does not show the top edge of Ubuntu, at the top of the monitor. I have searched for the Ubuntu for ATI es1000 and Dell Poweredge. Does any one know how to properly get the video working.

Thank you

February 7th, 2014, 05:49 PM
Welcome to the Ubuntu Forums :-)

14.04 is not yet released, and can be expected to have several problems during the next two months until it will be released in April. If you run it and have problems, please report it via the testing tracker


or even better to Launchpad (get a launchpad id and make a bug report). That way it will be more likely that 14.04 will work with your hardware.



If you want something that works, stay with a released version.