View Full Version : [ubuntu] What is the oldest version of Ubuntu that can run in a newer PC?

February 4th, 2014, 08:48 PM
What is the oldest version of Ubuntu that I could run on a newer machine along with windows 8? thanks

February 4th, 2014, 09:37 PM
marort2; Hi !

Version 12.04


but, to the point

February 4th, 2014, 10:09 PM
Does 12.04 support the 'shim' or whatever it's called that allows O.S.s to load with SecureBoot enabled? Or is it necessary to disable SecureBoot before booting 12.04? I have no experience, obviously but it'd be good to know.

February 4th, 2014, 10:41 PM
kurt18947; Hey ,

My knowledge of Windows and booting with is skimpy at best.
However, version 12.04.2 onward does support "shim".

Others I trust will provide guidance to dual boot in your situation.

the important thing is ->

it can be done !

February 4th, 2014, 11:31 PM
Ubuntu 12.10 was the first distribution of Linux that would install with secure boot enabled. This feature was included in 12.04.2 when it was released. Each Long Term Support version of Ubuntu has 4 point releases ( . ) over a two year period. This keeps the version up to date with the most recent Linux hardware support. So, we have Ubuntu 12.04; 12.04.1; 12.04.2; 12.04.3. We get 12.04.4 in a few weeks. After that to keep up with the latest hardware we should move on to Ubuntu 14.04 which in its turn will get 4 point releases.

It is actually a signed Linux kernel that complies with Microsoft's Secure Boot requirements.