View Full Version : Help with Ubuntu server 13.04 preseed

January 31st, 2014, 11:11 PM
Hello, so I'm having a little trouble. I'm trying to use a preseed to run a script after system setup but right before the installer finishes. My preseed works all the way until running the script. The command fails with an exit code 2 error. Any ideas? Here's the command I'm using.

d-i preseed/late_command string cp /cdrom/install/script.sh /target/root; chroot /target chmod +x /root/script.sh; chroot /target bash /root/script.sh

February 1st, 2014, 06:37 PM
Have you logs in /var/log/syslog once Ubuntu installed ??
If you have no logs : I think Ubuntu Preseed don't like you provide 2 or 3 commands.

Maybe like that.. :

d-i preseed/late_command string bash /cdrom/install/main-script.sh
main-script.sh could launch more commands.

If it don't works, cause could be the chroot command...

But it's great ! I didn't know I can make that after preseed :)

PS : I know I could to open a new post, but like you use preseed : I've a problem to generate crypted password in my preseed file, I've tried with
echo 'pass' | md5sum and with
echo 'pass' | mkpasswd.pl .
The crypted pass is provided with
d-i passwd/user-password-crypted , but I can't to log in with my pass after install.. If you have an idea..