View Full Version : [ubuntu] Transfer space from ubuntu 13.10 to windows 7 ?

January 27th, 2014, 09:27 PM
I have dual boot on my HP625 laptop.
I've Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows 7.
Now I barely never using Ubuntu anymore because I'm using softwares that doesn't work any good in Ubuntu. Instead I'm on Windows all time.

I don't wanna reinstall the whole computer. Nor do I wanna delete Ubuntu totally, I might get back there and use it more often when I don't need to use these softwares, and maybe when I just wanna have fun in Ubuntu playing around with themes and using some softwares on there.

However, I shared my whole harddrive in 2, I gave about 50% to Ubuntu and 50% to Windows when I installed the dual boot.

Now I wanna change this if it's possible? I have lots of space left on ubuntu, it ain't much used. But on Windows I have just a 12gb left.

I have surely like 100gb free on Ubuntu, and I wanna atleast get over an extra 70gb to windows if this is possible? And is it safe or will my OS corrupt any way if I try doing this with some patrition editior if it even works?

Thanks in advance.

Bucky Ball
January 27th, 2014, 10:15 PM
Boot from an install disk, Try Ubuntu, when you get to a desktop open Gparted, shrink the Ubuntu partition.

Boot into Windows and expand that partition with Windows software (probably in Disk Management). DO NOT resize it with Gparted. ;)